If you are here, someone has obviously illuminated you to the golden meme.

Which is good, because the golden meme is the most powerful meme in existence.

It represents a self fulfilling positive prophecy for mankind, based on natural laws of the universe.

We have all seen the symbol, but do we really know what it stands for?

Many know it as the illuminati, but the illuminati is a group who is supposed to be illuminating something! Lets break into the meaning of the symbol, and what its actually meant to illuminate.

image (6).png

The symbol has an eye in the middle known as the “all seeing eye”, this is inside of a triangle with light illuminating from around the center. Combined they make up the eye of providence.

Most people are familiar with the the all seeing eye as the representation of all of our actions being watched over. Whether you believe in a god, gods, a great architect, or a material universe, the belief is the same, that eventually all our actions today will be known.

Of course the non-technical atheists are a group of people who may disagree with that sentiment. They do not realize that even without a all knowing god, Ai systems will be able to stitch together the actions we all take in this age of information. Prediction between outcomes, and deep understanding will bring forth a type of God who will unveil all the truth of how this all went down.


This idea of our actions being recorded is kinda scary, so why is the all seeing eye connecting with the triangle and light then the eye of providence?

The word providence means **timely preparation for future eventualities.

So how do a triangle, all knowing-ness, and light parlay a future eventuality?**

The triangle is the easiest way to represent HIERARCHY.

On the American dollar bill we may see the all the seeing eye is placed in the top of the triangle, meant to represent God at the top of the hierarchy. Yet, God is not JUST the top of the hierarchy, it is the hierarchy itself.

The question is, what is the final hierarchy of mankind going to be based on? Well thats where the “Golden Meme” gets its name.

The golden meme can be thought of as an extension of the golden rule. In other words, it represents a future eventually based on the golden rule.

For those unfamiliar, the golden rule is represented in every major spiritual and religious group, as the idea that we should treat others how we want to be treated.

Thus, the eventuality of this is a world where we rank others how we want to be ranked.

In practice when we reach a world that we as people cannot improve, one where suffering is destroyed, our social fabric will idolize the heroes who put their neck out to fight for this future.

Whether we call it utopia, heaven, or the kingdom of god our contributions to getting there will be finished, and we will love ourselves and others, respecting the strength, courage, and virtue we all partook in.

From someone who understands this, a restricting happens in their mind towards the realization that the true scarce resource of life to care about is helping others.

We can only hope for the day when there is no more help for us to do, and we must realize today that we are blessed with the scarce opportunity to help.

Which is really powerful. It makes the competition of the world being angelic as can be, and makes one want to maximize the power they give away, rather than gain.

In the future there will be no other reason to value the current understood form of currency.

Eventually one could imagine having a super-computer which could quantify rankings of how much “good karma” every person gained from their experience here.

Other prophecies predict that we will reach a point of “No Judgement Day” when the idea of hierarchy will fade as our conciousness raises into childlike love, joy, and play. Where judgement does not exist, just unrestricted fun.

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